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Today we live in the age of information and technology and the fastest growing industry in this era is IT industry. New job opportunities have been created, new jobs are created in different fields and subfields every year. India along with the world had made major contributions to the field of IT. TCS IT industry is one of the major IT stakeholders in the international market.Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) is a leading name in the IT industry which provides services and business solutions to people who are in need of establishing their business or managing their companies or require digitization of business.

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Some points about TCS Webmail

TCS mail and Ultimax

TCS is the most powerful IT company in India and it is included in one of the major IT industries of the world. It has offices in more than 40 countries and their services are provided throughout the world. They have been working on a very large scale, they accommodate a total of 3 hundred thousand employees as of 2015 and more to be included as time goes. Ultimatix serves as the enterprise resource planning(ERP) for TCS. The main purpose of ERP is to handle the routinely business of the company and keep the employees up to date with their tasks. This process is looked after through the Webmail service which is provided by TCS administration to the workers. It is a mailing service within the TCS organization to connect the workers internally with each other so that they can coordinate the tasks within the organization effectively.

The web address to get access to the webmail is This opens the homepage for webmail where the workers can log in through the username and code. The username is provided by their head or the person supervising them. With that username, the workers can get themselves log into the TCS webmail system.

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After successfully logging in the webmail by providing secure id and code workers can check their mail for getting information regarding the client problems and communicating the information within the organization to other members working for the same project. Through this webmail workers can get information regarding the business they are handling at the moment The employees can check in their working hour's payment plans leave applications dues and all the tasks that are crucial to their working so by using ultimatix all the information about employees working under the head of TCS is regulated accordingly. It is made up of the extensive network system which shows the performance and timesheets of all the employees and makes it visible to them. Employees can check their work hours, salaries and other work-related things on the ultimatix. For such huge organization, there should be a comprehensive system to monitor the daily errands of the organization which are being performed on a very vast level. This service of providing administration to the organization is given to ultimatix which monitors all the work done by an administration which is done by keeping the profiles of each and every employee up to date without causing any mistakes. It handles more than 3 hundred thousand employees at a single time which would be very difficult and if not difficult it would be very costly to organize them manually. There would be a requirement for a new company to handle the organization. As employees of TCS have witnessed that ultimatix runs very accurately and displays all the information that is needed by the employees and keeps them up to date, there are zero chances for mistakes because of the extensive network system used by the ultimatix creators. They have joined more than 77 different mail systems to create a unique mail system which sends and receives information globally without any delays. Still, if some mistake happens there is an availability of help desk to get relief instantly.


TCS Webmail

Tcs as the tech giant of India and major IT stakeholder of the world have developed such a smooth system of covering all their administration and business without any errors and without giving or handing administration to the third party which burdens the organization. They have developed a software which can handle all their work and compose it in a tabular form to help the employees in carrying out their routinely business in the organization. This software was named ultimatix it can work very effectively without any external interference and it is ultimate in the features provided by it. This complex system demands a minute human interface.

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Tcs ultimatix project was initiated in 1999 and after almost 2 years of hard effort and tireless nights, the concept of digitization to administrate business came into its current formation. The ultimatix which is known today came in 2002, it was a huge project at that time.

It was covering a very big field in business administration, in 2007 the employee counted to be more than 26 thousand and at that time it was a generally assumed that ultimatix can withhold 4 to 5 times the current amount. In 2015 it was discovered that more than 3 hundred thousand people are being administered by TCS ultimatix. Since then many more people have entered into the organization and are given all the perks the previous employees were enjoying. It has different administration layers to self-check the system. It performs a number of different tasks from organizing the task sheet to activation of payrolls and from administering human resources of the organization to allotment of funds and from administering ventures that are made to the center to the self-administering capacity of the organization at the upper level.

The self-administration of ultimatix includes the provision of facilities like organizing meetings, making arrangements for travel and the stays at guesthouses. This layer also deals with the human interface issues such as repayments, allowances, insurance and other similar types of issues.

Tcs ultimatix adopted the multiprotocol label switching(MPLS) which gives passage to communication from different sources. It also provides services like video conferencing and hosting. It is connected with all the countries. They initially faced diverse problems related to travel, offices, security, correspondence and administration as well. They had a 120 member it center which later became a total of 150 who worked for almost 3 years to make the ultimatix what it has become now. The 3-year effort in building the most sophisticated network for administering business at high scale level resulted in the formation of ultimatix.

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Ultimatix provided a change in perspective of administration of business organizations. Small business organizations had to take services to organize their business and regulate them from other big companies, now with the help of a ultimatix an organization of hundreds of thousands of employees along with their work can be checked instantly and furthermore every individual can check on their own the progress report that has been assigned to them from their head and the head can check on the performance of the employees on the assigned task it changed the outlook of organizations which resulted in positive productivity of the organization.

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