TCS Webmail - All you need to Know

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In today day and age, we have a lot to do with little time. That has made our business not to be as productive as we expect. For many business heads, they always look for a way they can be productive for much profit and so as the business can reach its goal.

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TCS company

It is because of this that may head of cooperation are looking for ways to improve the way their business performs. They motivate employees, train more workers and come up with many innovative ways of making the busies be more profitable.

TCS Webmail - All you need to Know


One of the most recent input has been the use of information technology. It is the use of computers to do various tasks to ease the operations of the company. This has been effective since work has been made easier, accurate and businesses are able to account for their work.

Since IT has been embraced by many companies, there has been the emergence of so many companies that are willing to offer IT services for their customers to increase efficiency and boost productivity. The companies have been rising and helping companies in a great way.

Are you a company owner struggling to make your company productive? How are you planning on doing it? it is essential for any business owner who wants his or her business prosper to seek serves of IT experts to enhance the running of their company’s activities.

About TCS services

The Tata consulting services is a global company that is used to consult and offer IT services to its clients with the aim of improving the way their client run their company affairs. It is a multinational company with its headquarter in Mumbai. It is termed as the most valuable IT company in the world

Being a subsidiary of the Tata sons and having branches in over 46 countries, its aim is to help you structure a mobile functioning workplace that delivers an exceptional user experience. The company was formed to simplify and accelerate enterprise mobility. How do they do that?

they do all that by addressing global issues around enterprise mobility, application of various functions, enterprise visualization and network utilization around companies and industries. When you seek their services, they will partner with you to simplify, strengthen and transform your business.

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Services that they provide

when you decide to seek their services, you will be in for an easy drive. Your company will have a functioning unit that will be accountable and will simplify the way you operate your day to day activities in your company. That will be great right?

some of the services they provide include;

  • They develop applications that will help you in running your company.
  • After they develop, they make sure they manage the applications for you.
  • They also offer assurance services to their clients.
  • They do business process outsources on behalf of their clients.
  • Offer consulting services.
  • Engineering and industrial consulting services.
  • IT infrastructure services.

Like you read above, they have a lot to offer if you choose to partner with them. They will help you improve the running of your company in the process of increasing your sales and productivity of your company.  Is that not what man business heads want?

The Tata consulting services webmail

Yes, I know it is new to hear. The Tata company have been offering mail services. That means when you partner with them, you will be able to have a mail account that they operate. You will be able to access your emails if you have access to an internet connection and a web browser.

It has been very convenient for their clients. With their webmail, you will be able to message and receive mail in a safe, fast and intelligent way. their clients have been happy with their services and that is why they choose to partner with citric visualization technologies.

If you are a new client, you will be taken to a different ay of login in from the usual old way. for old customers, there is no much change. You will be able to log in and access your mail t that time but not mail dates 3 days ago.

With the migration of their webmail on a VPN, it makes your mail secure because it is now more difficult to access mail without using the right recommended channel. For a first-time user, you will be taken through a process of authentication before you are given logins to aces your emails

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The process of login in into the TCS webmail

To some, they term the process as tedious and long, but to the clients who understand the importance of privacy, they have welcomed the change with a lot of positive feedback and backing. For you to access your mail, you ill must follow these simple steps.

  • Download the app

You need to download citric receiver from your app store. That is because they have partnered with citric visualization technologies to make sure your mail is managed well, reduce operational cost and have a better user experience.

  • Install the app

After downloading on your device, you need to make sure you install the app. That is because the app is designed to access your email on your desktop or any other device that you have including your mobile phone.

  • Open

After installing. You need now to open the NetScaler gateway, a new login page of Tata consultancy service. If you are a first-timer, you need not worry, you will be taken through the whole process of an authentication system to validate yourself.

Once you are in the login page, you need to use your IT matrix credentials to log in. For employees, you can get the login details from your supervisors. Once in, select lotus webmail which will, in turn, take you to the TCS webmail page.

  • Enter credentials

Once you are in their webmail page, you need to enter your webmail username and password to access your mail. With the above process, you will be able to access your mail in your desktop, mobile phone and in your IOS.

Advantages of TCS webmail services

For you to be able to enter into a partnership with TCS it is important for you to understand hat you are getting from them. Ho will your company benefit when you get emails with TCS email? Well here are the advantages of TCS webmail.

  • Convenience

There is nothing that is fulfilling as a business person than a feeling that you can communicate from wherever you are. Since email is the new way of official communication of businesses, you are sure that you will not miss out on any communication that concerns your business.

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That means you will be able to travel and make business contracts and still get your emails wherever you are. All you need is your device installed with the citric receiver and internet connection.

  • Cost

Every business person wants to hear cost reduction when it comes to the operation of the company. With the web services, you are assured of that. That is because the cost of running the app and getting your emails will be reduced.

  • Security

With their webmail services, your mail will be safe from any malicious logins.  They have ensured that they have a very tight way of ensuring they verify your information before you access your mail. That assures clients that their mail will not fall into the wrong hands.

It is also secure also because they have very quick responsive customer care services. This means that they will respond quickly to any malicious or unusual log in that might be noticed by the client. This builds the confidence of their clients in them.


Well, for every good thing, there must be one or to things that need to be improved right? these also apply in TCS webmail services. Some of the disadvantages include;

  • You need network access

Yes, for you to access your mail, you need a device that has internet access for you to be able to read your emails. This can inconvenience you especially if you are working from a remote area where there is no network coverage.

  • You can be spammed

This sometimes is not avoidable. Spammers always have a way of accessing your webmail address no matter ho you try to secure it. there is nothing you can do about it. all you need to do is install a good antivirus and report any suspicious activities in your account.

If you are looking for a fast, secure way of receiving and messaging your emails, you need to seek for TCS webmail services. They will partner with you to make sure that your company operations are smooth by providing a mobile functioning workplace that will deliver the results you expect. Contact them and you will be assured an exceptional user experience like no other.

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